QA Senior Engineer

Job Description

We are looking for proactive QA Senior Engineers, having at least a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or Telecommunications, fluent English and with several years of experience in QA, not only as Senior Engineer but also as QA Engineer. Experience in QA applied to our business, in our business and with testing automation will be a relevant advantage.

Main duties and responsibilities of this role:

  • To create the key test plans of our products or projects, designing the test plans for new product families
    ​ or creating new tailored ones​ or​ doing deep revisions or refactorization of the already existing ones from different points of view (to enhance one of them, to redesign the product approach, etc). These test plans could follow different approaches (black box, grey box​;​ isolated or related​;​ E2E, full, regression, smoke, etc), verifying any kind of the SW we create (STB, Tablet, Mobile, Back-end, API​s​, etc)
  • To design the testing strategy and testing scenario
    ​ required by each test plan, to be able to run it​. To set it up if required.
  • To lead the QA Engineers in charge of running these test plans and setting up this scenario, reviewing the results, communicating them and adapting the strategy accordingly
  • To automate the manual test plans

It is essential for QA Senior Engineers to have experience as QA Engineers, performing these kind of tasks:

  • Some kind of test runs​,​ ​creating bug​s​ and test run reports.
  • To install and update testing scenarios, doing internal development if required, to be able to run the tests.
  • Manual tests automation if required.

Usually we develop our activity at Mirada premises. Occasional trips to customer premises for onsite work could be required in some stages of the projects.

Salary + Bonuses + Social Benefits
We are offering a salary according to the candidate´s experience, knowledge,etc. + bonuses + Social benefits (luncheon vouchers, health insurance, English classes, etc.)

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