mirada plc announces the biggest contract win in company’s history

Mirada plc, the AIM-quoted audio-visual technology expert, announced that the company has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract in Latin America for its multiscreen product, iris. London-based technology services provider did not disclose the client’s company name, but it unveiled that the contract has been signed with a large established Latin American digital TV operator.

This contract follows the successful USD $1.4 million trial, previously announced in November 2013. The customer, whose installed subscriber base is of several million users, is expected to carry out final commercial rollout by the end of 2014.

Successful Iris solution includes Inspire, cutting edge User Interface with such features as Smart search engine, audience metrics and recommendation system based on advanced algorithms developed by the company, interactive advertisement, multiscreen platform with applications for smartphones and tablets based on iOS and Android operating systems and many other.

This milestone in company’s development will provide the biggest revenues up to date. mirada’s CEO José Luís Vazquez unveils the financial forecast for this contract with subscriber-based license fees, commenting that it will significantly increase mirada’s yearly turnover over the next three to five years. This recent success confirms mirada’s position as one of the leading technology providers for pay TV broadcasters and operators in Latin America.


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