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Connect with your Clients through Multiscreen Simplicity

What is Iris?

Iris is Mirada´s state-of-the-art TV anywhere proposition. Our multi-screen solution merges the best of traditional broadcast and OTT services, presenting an easy-to-use, unified user experience across multiple devices: STB, PC and companion devices. Iris offers a cost effective solution with the required flexibility, at a very quick time to market.

Combined with the Iris Service Delivery Platform, Mirada´s back-end services, operators can really get to know their clients, and therefore provide users with their desired content how, when and where they want.

Advanced User Interfaces

Mirada’s Iris platform has two advanced UIs to choose from, each easily customized to the operator’s branding: the rebranded Origin UI, and the new Inspire UI. The Origin UI has all of Mirada’s classic rich features, providing viewers with an enhanced and complete user experience, taking maximum advantage of the capabilities of the different devices. The Inspire UI incorporates a new viewing philosophy based on user behaviour, including extensive content discovery methods, different search methods, recommendations and more, but puts additional emphasis on simple, fast and natural navigation.

Origin UI

Inspire UI

Who is Iris for?

    • Pay TV operators, regardless of network type
    • Operators who want more flexibility at a reasonable price
    • Operators interested in:
    • Upgrading analogue to digital TV
    • Porting SD to HD
    • A cost effective solution
    • A multiscreen approach
    • Applications’ Gallery

Why Iris?

    • Multiscreen solution: Set-top box, PC, mobile and tablet
    • Rich visual experience taking advantage of the unique properties of each device
    • Enhanced content promotion
    • Based on open standards
    • Web browser integration compatible with HTML5
    • Support for third party added value services
    • Application tailored to the characteristics of every device

Case Study

José Luis Vázquez

CEO Mirada PLC

We are really delighted to have participated in this innovative project that will set a new standard for the Mexican digital television market. It is an excellent showcase of our investment in the Latam region, and we believe that our partnership with Cablecom will be highly beneficial for both parties.

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