Iris Service Delivery Platform

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Make Multi-Channel Hopping a Thing of the Past

What is Iris SDP?

Today’s consumers have too much choice and too little guidance. There are different ways for people to approach programme selection, but ultimately, consumers need to be able to access content they want to watch quickly and- most importantly- easily.

Iris SDP perfectly complements the Iris client; Mirada´s brain behind the front-end, able to search, suggest and provide operators with the tools needed to get to know their clients through use and consumption of both video and interactive content. Register, organize and manage how users interact with content, regardless of whether they are on their PC, companion device or STB.

Who is Iris SDP for?

DTV operators looking to introduce additional features:

    • Searches
    • Recommendations
    • Remote Recordings
    • Smart Interactive Ads
    • Much more

Why Iris SDP?

    • Integrate existing and new services into a common system
    • Reducing operational costs and investment
    • Facilitating the integration of new services
    • Enhancing user’s experience with multi-device profile synchronization
    • Obtain valuable information from users and their habits
    • Beyond the household barrier
    • Getting a complete view of users behavior and preferences
    • Promote consumption and revenues
    • Third party solution integration, creating different communities
    • Allowing direct marketing based on users’ habits
    • Adapting services to users’ preferences