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Next Generation Interactive Platform over SVG

What is Navi?

Navi is a novel interactive navigational solution designed by mirada for SVG browsers, built on Ericsson multi-screen middleware. Navi is a complete set of navigational services, including VoD and PPV services, PVR, content promotion and miniguide for linear TV. From quick and easy navigation to next generation viewing, Navi creates an engaging user experience. It is seamlessly integrated with the conditional access solution and the back-end and allows viewers to search, record and play all content stored on the Set-top Box.

Who is Navi for?

    • Operators who need a light and simple browser-based solution
    • Those willing to differentiate their offer through a powerful and rich user experience

Why Navi?

      • Easy to Use: Limited sets of keys, providing a quick and simple navigation service.
      • Self Learning: Navigation is predictable in the application, allowing the user to discover how to use the service without extensive manuals.
      • Visually Appealing: Navi makes the best of HD and STB power, providing a higher level of graphic experience for the user, with smooth and quick transitions.
      • Engaging the Audience: Navi design was conceived to encourage your viewers to watch and consume content whilst attracting and retaining your customers and thus reducing your turn over.

    • Promotionally Orientated: Promotion options are included within the Navi solution design, offering universally recognized content, while allowing the control of promotion to be within the operator.
    • Future Proof: The Navi design is upgradable, thus minimizing future restrictions, and addressing new sources of content when they are available.


Navi includes

      • Fully featured EPG and Channel Surfer to browse through linear content.
      • Personal Video Recorder.
      • PPV support.
      • Multilanguage interface.

      • SD and HD interface.
      • Interactive call-to-actions in live programs.
      • Schedule recording from TV promos.
      • Remote recording from you mobile or Internet browser.


Case Study

Jenaro Martínez

AXTEL TV Director

This launch of AXTEL TV marks AXTEL´s entrance into the Pay TV market, and we are confident that with our investment in mirada´s novel hybrid services, AXTEL will quickly become one of the leaders of the Mexican digital television market. Our customers can now access their favourite programs with an easy-to-use and intuitive UI.

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