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Maximize engagement with synchronized Interactivity

What is xPlayer?

xPlayer is one of mirada’s flagship products, which has been designed to manage and deploy synchronised interactive content to multiple TV platforms. xPlayer manages red and green button interactivity on behalf of a channel, with accuracy to the second, across satellite, digital terrestrial and cable. Red button triggers applications, allowing viewers to interact with content on screen (such as adverts, votes, quizzes, etc.), while the green button enables scheduling or recordings and reminders. In addition, xPlayer provides EPG triggering to ensure accurate PVR recording.

Today´s network operators and broadcasters are increasingly adding interactivity to their audiovisual content as well as delivering it through different platforms: mobile, tablets, web and digital TV. The scheduling capability together with synchronization between interactive services, EPG information and audiovisual content on several platforms is what xPlayer does best. With xPlayer, operators and broadcasters have found the ideal solution to take advantage of additional functionalities without involving a large number of resources in deployment or service management.

Who is xPlayer for?

Network operators and broadcasters which are looking to add synchronized interactivity to their audiovisual content as well as deliver it through different platforms: mobile, web and digital TV.

Why xPlayer?

    • Participation TV
    • Interactive Advertising triggering
    • Interactive TV – votes, quizzes, content linking
    • DVR and time shifting
    • On screen reminders for PVR
    • Automatic bookings from trailers
    • Real time EPG to improve PVR accuracy
    • Impulse VoD response
    • Companion devices delivering additional linked content