Senior Software QA Engineer


Job Description

What our QA team does:

One of our core objectives here at Mirada is to give our clients the software they want with the confidence that it will perform as seamlessly as expected. To be able to do this, our exceptional team of QA Engineers collaborate across departments in each and every stage of the production process of our software, during which they…

1. Participate in the analysis of our clients’ requirements and specifications of our products, as well as the architectural design of our solutions.
2. Consistently track and follow-up on projects to keep up to speed with their progress and be alert and prepared to take action when appropriate.
3. Define and document the most suitable testing strategies to follow, before creating or updating test plans and scenarios.
4. Run as many testing cycles as required to reach a sufficient degree of confidence in our software.

See a day in the life of a Senior QA Engineer at Mirada

Senior QA

What you will do as a Senior QA Engineer at Mirada:

    • Design test scenarios and create all kinds of test plans including whole test plans, regression test plans, smoke etc, all of which must be concise, repeatable and clear for finding bugs
    • Be responsible for designing testing strategies and managing teams by delegating tasks and consistently following up on projects in collaboration with other departments
    • Carry out manual and automated tests using both black-box and grey-box approaches
    • Check front-end (set-top boxes and multiscreen devices) and back-end (table generators, web administration applications, metadata etc) software
    • Specialise in end-to-end point of view on projects with global partners when Mirada acts as integrator
    • Verify and analyse software specifications and requirements from clients
    • …Have a lot of fun along the way!

What we require:

    • IT, Computer Science, Telecommunications, Software Engineering or related degree
    • 3+ years experience in software testing, software engineering and specification methods
    • Experience using software testing tools such as SpiraTeam, bug-tracking software such as JIRA, automated and performance testing tools including Jmeter, Selenium, SOAP UI, Ranorex etc…
    • Experience managing projects and people
    • A self-proclaimed ‘perfectionist’ who leaves no stone unturned when solving a problem
    • Someone who is organised, methodological and works well under pressure
    • Fluency in Spanish and a good level of spoken and written English
    • An inquisitive mind and ability to work with others
    • Friendly with a positive attitude to life

    What we would love:

      • Experience in audiovisual communication, telecommunications and new technologies

    What we offer:

      • Opportunity to work in a fantastic and challenging environment
      • Fixed salary depending on the experience of the successful candidate
      • Various incentives
      • Ticket Restaurant vouchers
      • Health insurance
      • Short working hours every Friday and throughout July and August
      • English classes
      • Flexibility with taking holidays
      • Regular outdoor and team-building events
      • and much more…



    Connect with us for a sneak peek into life at Mirada:

    A typical day at Mirada for Paco

    “I arrive at the office and say good morning to my workmates with a big smile!

    I take time to check my inbox and then I focus my attention on the tomota_franciscop trending QA job of the day, for instance, today we have ‘a new release’! Once I’ve done that, I review the status of the project for which I am currently in charge of and check if there is anything that could affect the plan, for example, to define a testing plan for the new release.

    “I always have my notebook with me for drawing diagrams which help me to get to grips with a new function or architecture”

    I usually have one or two meetings with my workmates for tracking the progress of a new project or certain QA tasks, and sometimes I also have to coordinate meetings with other departments to keep up to speed with and optimise the progress of previous projects. Our line manager is always there to help and supervise, especially if we are going to talk about something related to the global strategy of our department.

    During my day, I also tend to read some technical documents which help me to define and improve the plan I’m working on (such as software specifications and release notes). I always have my notebook with me for drawing diagrams which help me to get to grips with a new function or architecture, and also help to show my ideas to my workmates as best as I can!”