Bespoke development

Give your Product our Special Touch


During the last 14 years, mirada has accumulated a vast experience in adapting, customizing and integrating new functionalities and customer requirements into solutions and products. Apart from this, mirada has developed a number of services from scratch, following customer requirement/specifications.


These bespoke development solutions provide the following advantages to customers:

    • Product with the spirit of your company: the SW is developed following unique specifications and requirements
    • Complete control: control application functionalities
    • Efficiency: the product/solution only contains requested features
    • Integration with existing components

Interactive marketing

Among the bespoke services/solutions, mirada has developed EPG, VoD, games, communications services, enhanced TV applications, etc.

In addition, mirada provides interactive marketing services for a large range of clients across multiple platforms - mobile, web and broadcast. Our mobile platform allows brands to communicate with their customers and incentivise purchase through a two-way dialogue and provides the full range of mobile services such as text to win, winning moments, prize draws, instant wins and information services for financial clients. Furthermore, mirada is a certificated iPhone developer and can create iPhone and Android apps for brands that wish to embrace smart phone technology.

First class delivery, attention to detail and outstanding levels of reporting set mirada apart from it's competitors.

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