How to succeed in the video market

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Consumers are craving content. With advances in technology, changing lifestyles and new consumption habits, consumers are increasingly demanding and paying for access at all times to video content.

As a result, more video services are being launched every day by entertainment giants, traditional pay TV operators and smaller telcos, in an attempt to reap the benefits from content-hungry consumers. If only it were that easy…

Many players encounter hurdles when launching a video platform, so we have compiled this whitepaper with 5 tips to help find the perfect solution to guarantee long-term success of your new video service. Along the way, learn how to:

  • Minimise time-to-market without sacrificing the quality of service
  • Avoid the high and often unaffordable initial investment
  • Guarantee the stickiness of a video service in a saturated market
  • Choose a provider that is right for your business

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