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Mirada at a glance

The Company

Mirada is a leading provider of products and services for Digital TV Operators and Broadcasters worldwide. Founded in 2000, the Company’s strategic focus is to remain at the forefront of the industry by providing cutting-edge technology to serve the ever-growing global demand for TV anytime, anywhere.

Highlights of the Year

Expansion with izzi

Mirada’s project with izzi telecom has continued to grow over the fiscal year. In November 2017, Mirada launched their new OTT application, Mirada Kids, for children across izzi’s service under the name izzi kids, to allow izzi’s younger viewers to watch live and on-demand content on Android and iOS devices. At the start of the calendar year, izzi also extended their offering to tier 2 and 3 customers, which has contributed greatly towards the number of new installations. With relation to this, on 22 March, Mirada achieved another milestone with izzi by surpassing 1 million set-top boxes installed across Televisa networks.

Launch of Mirada Kids

Mirada launched a new OTT app for young viewers to watch live and on-demand content in a safe yet fun environment. Mirada Kids is available on Android and iOS and comes with a simplified and appealing UI designed specifically to captivate the attention of children. The app includes features such as advanced parental controls, time limitation settings, custom profiles and the possibility to offer carefully selected content suitable for different ages, and offers operators a new and innovative way to extend their service. Mirada Kids was launched commercially for the first time across izzi Telecom’s service under the name izzi kids in November 2017.

World Cup goes OTT

Post year-end, following Mirada’s software adjustments, izzi Telecom extended access to their OTT application “izzi GO” from just izzi subscribers to everyone in Mexico in a massive World Cup-driven marketing campaign. As a result of the changes implemented by Mirada, izzi’s platform saw over 5 million sessions across 1.3 million devices, an impressive 97% increase in live TV consumption via OTT and a 10% boost in TVoD purchases during the World Cup alone.

New contract wins

Mirada won two new contracts for their Iris technology. The first was with ATNi, for which Mirada has already announced the first commercial deployment with oprator One in Bermuda, which will be shortly followed by the second upcoming deployment with Viya later this year. The second contract win was with Digital TV Cable in Bolivia. The five year contract will see Mirada deploy Iris across Digital TV Cable’s networks with a target of up to nearly one million devices, seeing Mirada entering a new and highly promising market.