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Our Strategy

Mirada’s strategy focuses on four key areas

Market Strategy

Mirada has carefully identified a number of target geographies where it is fully focused on developing its presence. These markets display promising characteristics such as high annual growth rates in pay TV consumption, growing pay TV penetration and burgeoning middle classes providing rapid growth in consumer spending.

Product Strategy

Our market leading digital TV products have been designed to future-proof the platforms of operators and broadcasters worldwide, while dramatically reducing complexity and time to market. This enables us to fully satisfy our clients’ needs for today, while also providing them with a roadmap and vision for the future.

Sales Strategy

We have invested heavily into our sales and marketing resources to take full advantage of the increasing interest in our offerings following the successful high-profile deployment of our flagship product with Tier 1 operator izzi telecom. This has led to an increasing pipeline of opportunities which we are fully focused on converting into new projects.

Business Model Strategy

Our business model has been developed to meet our clients’ future needs with a strong focus on flexibility. This flexible business model can be tailored around our clients, providing the option for both SaaS delivered and hosted services, enabling us to give our clients exactly what they want in return for diverse, secure and long-term recurring revenue streams.

Market Overview

Mirada’s target markets

Latin America

Growth within Latin America’s pay TV market remains strong with the number of pay TV subscribers on track to reach 88.7 million in 2022, up from 73.7 million in 2017 (Source: Dataxis, 2017). However, with 78% of major pay TV players in Latin America now offering TV Everywhere services (Source: Nagra, 2017), operators are having to look elsewhere to strengthen their core pay TV offering.

Analytics and data intelligence platforms have become a major area of interest within the industry, with analytics within global pay TV services expected to grow by 105% over the next five years (Source: ABI Research, 2017). Mirada’s data intelligence platform, LogIQ, is the essential tool for operators and broadcasters in need of a wider vision to make better data-driven decisions to remain on the cutting-edge of an increasingly competitive and innovative industry.

Eastern Europe

With the region’s pay TV penetration set to reach 80% and the number of pay TV subscribers expected to hit 82.8m by 2020 (Source: IDC, 2017), Eastern Europe’s pay TV market is advancing towards maturity. Multiscreen viewing has become commonplace across the region and service providers are now turning to new business models to reinforce their current offering.

OTT viewing, which was once seen as a threat by operators in the region, is now considered a vital part of the content mix, with OTT revenues in the region predicted to reach $1,976 million by 2021, up from $454 million in 2015 (Source: Digital TV Research, 2016). Mirada’s acclaimed OTT platform is perfectly suited to serve all types of operators who are looking to future-proof their pay TV business thanks to its seamless integration with existing DVB/IPTV solutions.

Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific is the world’s largest pay TV subscriber region, contributing 60% to the global total and with revenues expected to grow a further $8bn to reach $40bn by 2021 (Source: IABM, 2016).

Despite such promising growth expectations, certain factors within the region, such as the increasing popularity of OTT services and demand for an improved user experience with personalised content recommendations, means operators need to adapt their offering in order to survive and thrive in the market.

Mirada’s Iris Ecosystem empowers operators with a powerful and future-proof platform that has the flexibility to continuously add new features and services, with the goal to attract retain customers with the ultimate viewing experience.