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Our Strategy

Mirada’s strategy focuses on four key areas

Market Strategy

Mirada has carefully identified a number of target geographies where it is fully focused on developing its presence. These markets display promising characteristics such as high annual growth rates in pay TV consumption, growing pay TV penetration and burgeoning middle classes providing rapid growth in consumer spending.

Product Strategy

Our market leading digital TV products have been designed to future-proof the platforms of operators and broadcasters worldwide, while dramatically reducing complexity and time to market. This enables us to fully satisfy our clients’ needs for today, while also providing them with a roadmap and vision for the future.

Sales Strategy

We have invested heavily into our sales and marketing resources to take full advantage of the increasing interest in our offerings following the successful high-profile deployment of our flagship product with Tier 1 operator izzi telecom. This has led to an increasing pipeline of opportunities which we are fully focused on converting into new projects.

Business Model Strategy

Our business model has been developed to meet our clients’ future needs with a strong focus on flexibility. This flexible business model can be tailored around our clients, providing the option for both SaaS delivered and hosted services, enabling us to give our clients exactly what they want in return for diverse, secure and long-term recurring revenue streams.

Market Overview

Mirada’s target markets

Latin America

The Latin American market continuesto see strong pay TV and SVoD growth, with revenues expected to grow by 33% between 2017 and 2023 to reach over $20 billion (Source: Omdia, 2020). With the growing popularity of online TV and SVoD video services such as Netflix, OTT TV and video revenues in Latin America are expected to reach $66 million in 2025, up from $36 million in 2019 (Source: Research and Markets, 2020). Traditional pay TV operators in Latin America are looking to launch their own OTT offerings to appeal to content-hungry audiences. However, they face the hurdle of less-than-flexible development environment for set-top boxes.

Our Iris custom launcher for Android TV helps put operators on the same footing as pure OTT providers, as it allows them to personalise their platform, prioritise their own content and provide an engaging and attractive user experience to appeal to audiences.

Eastern Europe

Pay TV and SVoD revenues in Eastern Europe are expected to grow by 35% between 2017 and 2023 to reach almost $10 billion (Source: Omdia, 2020). The territory is expected to have over 26 million SVoD subscriptions by 2024, up from 10 million recorded at the end of 2018 (Source: Digital TV Research, 2020). With the growing popularity of SVoD services, along with Netflix actively seeking new partnerships with pay TV operators in the region, customers are increasingly demanding an “entertainment hub” to access all of their favourite content from their different subscriptions in one place.

Mirada’s Iris multiscreen solution facilitates operators in the region with the ability to become the content aggregator and drive engagement by providing a quality video platform with the ability to integrate third-party content apps.

Middle East

Pay TV and SVoD revenues between 2017 and 2023 in the Middle East are expected to grow by 30% to reach just over $3 billion (Source: Omdia, 2020). At the same time, the growing demand for richer, on-demand video services from consumers in the region is encouraging operators to find new ways to enhance their existing proposition and grow their customer base by forming partnerships with third-party OTT providers or introducing their own OTT services.

Mirada’s Iris technology is well-positioned to empower operators with an advanced TV platform to provide live and OTT content with a quality viewing experience for consumers. With Mirada’s custom launcher for Android TV, audiences can easily access third-party applications such as Netflix and Disney+, as well as and local OTT providers such as Starz Play through Google Play Store.

Asia Pacific

With pay TV and SVoD revenues expected to grow by 76% between 2017 and 2023 to reach almost $90 billion (Source: Omdia, 2020), Asia Pacific is the fastest growing pay TV market in the world. The region expects to see subscription OTT revenues reach $19.9 billion by 2024 (Source: S&P Global, 2020). The huge appeal amongst consumers of a TV anywhere concept means it is crucial for operators to provide a unified multiscreen experience to deliver all types of content, and the ability to track and manage their service and audiences across all devices.

Mirada’s Iris technology serves operators with an advanced TV platform with seamless cross-device interactivity, along with LogIQ, Mirada’s data intelligence platform, to provide valuable insights into consumption, operational and navigational aspects of their video service.