Deploying Android TV for izzi Telecom in 6 key steps


As consumption surges worldwide, operators are looking into Android TV to elevate their offering and provide content-hungry viewers with the ultimate entertainment option.

Mexican operator izzi Telecom counted on Mirada to complete in December 2020 a major deployment of Android TV Operator Tier in Latin America, bringing subscribers their favourite content with all the advantages of the Android TV environment, such as access to the Play Store applications and built-in Chromecast – all in one place and enjoying the familiar izzi’s user experience.

Operators and app developers can now discover this project’s management, challenges and lessons learnt summarised in our “Case Study: Android TV Operator Tier launch for izzi Telecom, Road to deployment in 6 key steps”, and learn how to:

  • Compare different Google solutions
  • Plan and manage the deployment of Android TV step by step
  • Select equipment, partners and providers
  • Meet Google certification requirements avoiding extra delays
  • Understand which launcher set-up is right for you
  • Optimise testing iterations to reduce time-to-market
  • …and much more!