Mirada and Anevia announce their new partnership to better address Operators and Broadcasters in the OTT transition

MADRID, GENTILLY, 15 September, 2017– Mirada, a leading provider of cutting-edge products and services for Digital TV Operators and Broadcasters and Anevia, a leading OTT and IPTV software vendor providing innovative multiscreen solutions for TV and Video delivery including live, near live and on demand, are delighted to announce their partnership to better address operators and broadcasters in the OTT transition.

The new offering features Mirada’s Iris multiscreen platform integrated with Anevia’s NEA- DVR and NEA-CDN solution to deliver best in class OTT service. While targeting both main screen (TV) and companion devices (mobile, tablet and PC), Mirada’s Iris multiscreen platform has been fully integrated with Anevia’s Infinite and EDS technologies in order to offer a wide range of services: not only live, start-over, pause live tv but also Catch-up TV and VOD as well as a full featured Cloud DVR service. Moreover, the integration has been designed for geographically distributed architectures in order to match all operators’ network topologies.

We are pleased to announce this partnership, which will open multiple opportunities for the future

Thanks to Anevia’s unique expertise in packaging, the solution relies on native players and native DRMs, which allows to target a wide range of different screens and drastically reduces costs and complexity for support of extra devices. In order to deliver the best user experience, the system fully supports up to 4K quality for main screen, and thus relies on the latest additions to the mpeg-DASH standard, including thumbnail scrubbing and trick modes.

Mirada’s Iris is an end-to-end TV Everywhere product which enables TV Operators to publish and promote their content across any network: DVB, DTH, IPTV and OTT. Fast and powerful thanks to the synergy between front-end and back-end integration, it comes with its acclaimed Inspire UI, and unparalleled viewing experience specifically designed to boost engagement. Mirada’s product allows end users to access content from their favourite device: STB, smartphone, tablet or laptop, including access to all premium services such as Video-on-Demand, Catch up TV, Virtual Channels, Start-over, Timeshift, Download & Play and many more.

“We are pleased to announce this partnership, which will open multiple opportunities for the future. Anevia’s solution is a great match for Mirada’s Iris platform, empowering the end-to- end experience. We are certain that together we will be able to serve even the most demanding clients around the world”, said Antonio Rodríguez, VP Business Development of Mirada.

“We are very happy to start working with Mirada,” says Damien Lucas, CTO & Co-founder of Anevia. “Thanks to their UX and backend expertise combined with our video delivery and video storage unique knowledge, we have come up with a cost effective, flexible and universal architecture natively supporting a wide range of screens and services. NEA-CDN and NEA-DVR unique technologies such as Infinite and EDS highly contributed to this success. This new offer with enable us to further extend our ecosystem to propose cable operators and Pay TV broadcaster a large choice in their selection among best-in-class integrated solutions to support their development through innovative service”.

About Mirada

Mirada is a leading provider of products and services for Digital TV Operators and Broadcasters worldwide. With 17 years of experience in the industry, Mirada’s core focus is on the ever-growing demand for TV Everywhere, for which it offers a complete suite of end- to-end products across multiple devices, all with innovative state-of-the-art UI designs. Led by Non-Executive Chairman Javier Casanueva and Group CEO José Luis Vázquez, Mirada has deployed its technology to some of the biggest names in broadcasting including Telefonica, Sky, Virgin Media, BBC, ITV and Televisa Group, the largest media company in the Spanish-speaking world. For more information, please visit our website.

About Anevia

Anevia is a leading OTT and IPTV software vendor for the delivery of live TV , near live and video-on-demand. Anevia was founded in 2003 by the developers of the well-known VLC media-player, and has pioneered cloud DVR and multiscreen solutions. Anevia’s mission is to provide innovative technologies enabling viewers to watch next- generation TV wherever, whenever and on every screen. Anevia software and solutions have been successfully adopted by TV broadcasters, telecommunication and Pay TV operators, Video service providers, and many private and public companies. Anevia is headquartered in France, with regional offices in the USA and Dubai. The company is listed on the Alternext Paris NYSE Euronext. www.anevia.com.

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