How does Santa do that…?

Discover the secret to deliver millions of people just what they want – and always get it right.

Let’s be honest, this holiday season is all about wearing our cosiest clothes, listening to Mariah Carey on repeat, enjoying the best food…and getting ready to open presents!

Everyone loves a thoughtful gift and video services know this well, as they work hard to rival Santa and bring viewers exactly what they want, even if they do not know about it yet, with a personalised advertising experience. A Google Study recently showed how targeted ads receive 3 times more attention, while relevant promotions increase user’s tolerance to advertising by up to 40%!

At the same time, more and more video services are including the implementation of FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV) channels in their wish lists this year. The reason? Responding to both viewers’ concerns due to the ongoing economic inflation and the market saturation of SVoDs. While it is clear that this TV model is here to stay, it also is the perfect way to evolve the traditional linear TV strategy – at least for those clever enough to enrich it with the most personalised advertising experience.

But unlike everyone’s favourite North Pole inhabitant, TV operators do not receive timely letters with wish lists or count with assistants to help save the day. Neither do they need magical reindeers or hard-working elves, because video services already have the means to offer the promotions that will keep their users hooked. The key is to (really) know viewers, extracting the right information about them and transforming it into actionable insights for successful campaigns that take into account every viewer’s preferences to craft the advertising experience that will increase their engagement and maximise revenues.

The first step is logically to leverage data straight from the video platform. With the right tool, it is easy to understand viewers’ habits, likes and dislikes, and what kind of promotions they enjoy the most. Then, it is time to use this information to group users and craft the segments that will enable hyper-targeted strategies, making sure every viewer can make the most of advertising content they do care about.

This way, each user can be targeted with the actions they will respond better to – football fans can receive personalised push notifications across the platform instead of interrupting their match with ad rolls, and comedy lovers can catch their breath with mid-episode commercial breaks – all including personalised messages related to their subscription, the content they are watching, their user profile…the (wintery) sky is the limit.

Ready to put your best advertising strategy in action and upstage Santa? We surely are (even if that gets us on the “naughty” list).

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