A very merry happy joyful Christmas!

Why choose when you can have all you want?

What do Netflix’s Falling for Christmas, HBO Max’s Santa Camp and Disney +’s The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special have in common? That you can watch them all this holiday season – in one place made just for you.

Super-aggregation of content needs no introduction. The global arrival of SVoDs has forever changed the video landscape, bringing operators the opportunity of integrating their offerings in valuable partnerships to offer viewers all the content they crave.

Viewers are indeed over browsing through never-ending catalogues through different platforms, and now demand to be able to craft their own entertainment experience, choosing to access different services from their TV provider and enjoy the most talked about films and shows in one place as a part of a single billing and subscription for a worry-less experience. However, video services quickly catching up with the super-aggregation trend poses new challenges – how to stand out from the crowd when integrating content has become the norm? Once again, listening to what viewers want.

The next step of super-aggregation unlocks the holy grail of a hyper-personalised content experience. Accenture’s Streaming’s Next Act Study (2021) showed that more than half of viewers would prefer their profile information to be shared among services in order to improve content recommendation and the way they navigate across different catalogues.

Video services can tailor their viewers’ experience even further with the right technical partner to achieve in-depth integration of metadata, making the most of the transparency in the exchanges between TV platforms and D2C services. These integrations enable the highest level of information sharing, allowing super-aggregators to promote, categorise and organise all content accessible from their platform in a unified user interface that enhances content search and discovery across different catalogues. This way, your viewers’ “Continue Watching” or “Because you Watched” would include not only the operator’s catalogue but also their favourite content from all the platform’s they’re subscribed to – the perfect way to ensure they do not miss any cheesy holiday film.

This Christmas, make sure your offering includes all the must-watch seasonal content to go with your users best holiday spirit (and funky sweaters).

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