Mirada and SoFAST join forces to empower video services with next-gen AVOD & FAST channels

MADRID | October 10, 2023

Mirada, a leading provider of cutting-edge products and services for digital TV operators and broadcasters and SaaS technology company SoFAST are proud to announce the integration of SoFAST’s cloud-based FAST channel solutions into the Mirada Iris ecosystem, enabling the distribution of FAST (Free Ad-supported Streaming Television) channels and AVOD (Advertising Video on Demand) content.

As the demand for FAST channels continues to soar driven by viewers’ desire for free, high-quality streaming content, the partnership between Mirada and SoFAST positions them as key players in the industry. SoFAST currently operates an impressive portfolio of 512 channels, while Mirada brings its vast expertise empowering operators worldwide to launch and future-proof their own video services. This alliance not only offers tremendous growth prospects for video services, but also further strengthens both companies’ positions as reference players in the streaming market.

FAST channels, which offer free streaming supported by targeted advertising, allow video services to expand their user base by providing a compelling alternative to subscription-based models. By offering engaging and relevant content without a paywall, video services can attract new viewers and retain existing ones.

Additionally, the partnership empowers video services to leverage AVOD content, opening up avenues for monetization through targeted advertising. Advertisers can reach highly engaged audiences, and video services can generate revenue by integrating ads seamlessly into their content. By utilising SoFAST’s expertise in advertising dynamics, video services can optimise their advertising strategies, ensuring that ads are relevant, non-intrusive, and enhance the viewing experience.

By joining forces, Mirada and SoFAST are bound to continue reshaping the streaming landscape, providing users with a diverse range of captivating content and advertisers with targeted opportunities for effective brand promotion. The partnership represents a significant milestone in the evolution of the streaming industry, and both companies are committed to delivering a seamless and immersive streaming experience.

CEO and co-founder of SoFAST, Yanaï Arfi, commented:

“Mirada and SoFAST have chosen the perfect moment to unite their strengths and bring a compelling FAST offering to the market. We are thrilled to work closely with them to deliver an innovative streaming experience with FAST channels and AVoD.”

Mirada CEO, José-Luis Vázquez, commented:

“By integrating SoFAST’s cloud-based FAST channel solutions into our ecosystem, Mirada will be able to offer an extensive selection of FAST channels and AVOD content, unlocking unprecedented monetisation opportunities for their platforms. Together, we are at the forefront of transforming the streaming market, and we are excited about how this collaboration will bring our customers a whole new competitive edge.”


Mirada is a leading provider of integrated software solutions for telcos, TV operators, broadcasters and video streaming services worldwide. Led by founder and CEO José Luis Vázquez, the Company prides itself on being a pioneer in the world of digital TV for over 20 years. Mirada’s core focus is empowering its customers to respond to consumers’ ever-growing global demand for digital content, offering a complete suite of end-to-end modular products across multiple devices with innovative state-of-the-art UI designs.

Mirada’s multiscreen technology, acclaimed for satisfying even the most demanding audiences, has been deployed by some of the biggest names in the telco world, including Televisa, Telefónica, Sky, Virgin Media and the BBC. Headquartered in London, Mirada has commercial representation across Europe, Latin America and Asia and operates technology centres in the UK, Spain and Mexico.


SoFAST is a SaaS technology company that offers cloud-based FAST channel solutions to CTV (connected TV) and OTT (over-the-top) platforms worldwide. With an extensive portfolio of channels and a commitment to delivering cutting-edge streaming experiences, SoFAST is at the forefront of the rapidly expanding FAST market. Founded by Yanaï Arfi, SoFAST is, in a few words, a Tech Integrator Aggregator serving more than 112 platforms worldwide. Under its CEO’s leadership, SOFAST has become a trusted Tech Integrator Aggregator, serving more than 112 platforms worldwide. Additionally, SOFAST has become a trusted Tech Integrator Aggregator serving more than 112 platforms worldwide. Additionally, we actively distribute FAST channels and Pay TV services across various streaming platforms (CTV, Cable TV, Telcos, IPTV, DTH…), all while maximising monetization opportunities for our clients. www.sofast.tv

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