Mirada launches cloud-based Iris in Swift Mode to provide premium video solution to any operator

MADRID, 11 May, 2020 – Mirada, a leading provider of products and services for Digital TV Operators and Broadcasters announces that it has made its acclaimed Iris end-to-end multiscreen solution accessible to more operators with its new turn-key proposal, Iris in Swift Mode.

The launch enables operators of all sizes to swiftly deploy a competitive, cloud-based video service to customers through a comprehensive and affordable business model. Iris in Swift Mode provides operators looking to launch a new video service with a proven solution to help them reduce the time-to-market and avoid high upfront costs, while also providing a seamless and intuitive cross-screen user experience for their customers.

Iris in Swift Mode empowers operators with a cutting-edge multiscreen platform to deliver live and on-demand content on smartphones, tablets, laptops, Android TV set-top boxes, smart TVs, Google Chromecast and other devices including Amazon Fire TV Stick and Xbox. With Iris in Swift Mode, operators can provide an engaging user experience that is currently only offered by a handful of top tier operators, and benefit from regular product updates to allow them to be up-to-date with the latest market trends.

Operators can choose between an essential or a premium package of devices across which they can launch their new TV and VoD service. With Iris in Swift Mode, operators can benefit from a rich collection of features of content discovery, promotion and advertising, past TV functionalities including RetroEPG and cDVR and much more, in addition to consumption, operational and navigational insights provided by Mirada’s data intelligence platform, LogIQ. Swift Mode customers will also be able to benefit from Mirada’s exclusive tool, UX Evolver, to transform on-the-fly how their offering will be presented and promoted to subscribers, together with audience segmentation, which uses unassisted machine learning for inferential clustering, enabling micro-targeting for UX personalisation and A/B testing.

With Iris in Swift Mode, operators will also reap the rewards of a cloud-based solution, with more agile and hassle-free deployments and integrations of new features compared to an on-premises solution. Leveraging Amazon Web Services, operators can enjoy a pay as you grow model along with other benefits such as being able to define a clear business model based on their subscriber base, with no hidden costs. Operators can also scale their service effortlessly to respond to changing customer expectations or unexpected high traffic.

Iris in Swift Mode provides operators with a one-stop-shop solution that includes AWS for cloud-hosting, as well as security and geoblocking components from providers that have been carefully selected from Mirada’s extensive partner ecosystem. Mirada will also collaborate with a selection of premium providers for set-top boxes, CDN solutions, origin servers and more.

Antonio Rodríguez, VP Business Development at Mirada plc, commented: “From our experience as a solution’s provider for many operators with very different circumstances, we are conscious that there are various hurdles that some players must overcome in order to launch a successful TV service. We are delighted to be able to offer our acclaimed Iris technology in Swift Mode to help facilitate these players with an advanced and evolving video platform while eliminating the complexity they may face”.

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