Mirada announces launch of their autonomous Instant Super-Aggregation Framework

MADRID | July 11, 2023

Mirada, a leading provider of cutting edge products and services for digital TV services, is proud to announce the development of its Instant Super-Aggregation Framework, a state-of-the-art technical architecture that revolutionises the way video services aggregate content providers’ catalogues into their offerings, achieving seamless integration without any external technical expertise or necessity for specific product releases.

Super-aggregation has become the norm for video services but successful bundling comes with significant challenges, from achieving the technical integration to offering viewers a personalised experience that encourages content discovery and consumption.

Mirada is changing the game by shifting the paradigm from technical integrations to seamless third-party catalogue onboarding with its Super-Aggregation Framework. Drawing on its extensive experience as a technical super-aggregation enabler, Mirada’s framework offers full compatibility with all the main industry-standard metadata formats used by content providers in Tier I, II, and III.

Mirada has designed its solution to provide a highly user-friendly experience so non-technical teams can effortlessly add new providers, create custom applications, and launch them on frontend devices without technical updates or releases. By ingesting metadata from various content providers, Mirada’s framework enables universal search and discovery, allowing subscribers to browse through thousands of titles and enjoy them across different provider apps from one single access point.

The Super-aggregation Framework has already been deployed for Mirada’s customer, Mexican telco giant izzi. Since then, izzi has managed to successfully integrate several content providers, including Vix and most recently AppleTV+ into their offering, bringing its subscribers instant access to over 10,000 new films and 200 series.

Following Mirada’s strategy to provide a cutting edge solutions to its customers in order to enhance their TV Service without a strong dependency on their technology provider, the Super-Aggregation Framework represents a game-changing advancement in content aggregation. By eliminating the need for assisted technical processes and releases, operators can seamlessly enrich their content offering with third-party catalogues’ onboarding, delivering a comprehensive and engaging viewing experience to their subscribers.

izzi Video & Hubs Director, Carlos Eduardo Romero, commented:

“”Mirada’s framework has minimised the technical barriers that once hindered our content aggregation efforts. With its integrated and seamless approach, we can now prioritise delivering an exceptional user experience while integrating third-party content providers, allowing us to stay ahead in this fast-paced industry.”

Izzi Product Director Marketing, Bernardo Espinosa, commented:

“The Super-aggregation Framework has opened up endless possibilities for us to enrich our content offering. With seamless onboarding, we can effortlessly add content providers’ catalogues, bringing our subscribers a diverse and compelling range of content, and enhancing the way we curate and deliver video services.”

Mirada CEO, José-Luis Vázquez, commented:

“Our goal with this framework is to transform the way our customers aggregate content providers. By eliminating complex technical integrations, we empower operators to effortlessly expand their content offerings and deliver a seamless experience to subscribers. We are proud to provide this groundbreaking solution and continue to revolutionise the video industry.”

ABOUT izzi

izzi forms part of Televisa Group, the largest media company by market capitalisation in the Spanish speaking world and a major participant in the international entertainment business. As part of Televisa Group, izzi is a provider in Mexico of broadband services, fixed telephony, mobile phone service as an MVNO and pay television with live channels and thousands of On Demand content. It has a network of more than 140 thousand kms. between coaxial cable and fiber optic that covers about 15 million HP´s. In market size, izzi is already the second most important player in the country in telecommunications services, always maintaining disruptive and innovative products and IT in the telecommunications sector. www.izzi.mx


Mirada is a leading provider of integrated software solutions for telcos, TV operators, broadcasters and video streaming services worldwide. Led by founder and CEO José Luis Vázquez, the Company prides itself on being a pioneer in the world of digital TV for over 20 years. Mirada’s core focus is empowering its customers to respond to consumers’ ever-growing global demand for digital content, offering a complete suite of end-to-end modular products across multiple devices with innovative state-of-the-art UI designs.

Mirada’s multiscreen technology, acclaimed for satisfying even the most demanding audiences, has been deployed by some of the biggest names in the telco world, including Televisa, Telefónica, Sky, Virgin Media and the BBC. Headquartered in London, Mirada has commercial representation across Europe, Latin America and Asia and operates technology centres in the UK, Spain and Mexico. For more information, www.mirada.tv

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