Mirada, leading provider of cutting-edge products and services for digital TV services, is proud to announce its latest solution to bring artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to user segmentation for video services with its advanced clustering engine.

Video platform operators facing an increasing number of competitors are shifting their attention towards subscriber retention, going beyond content acquisition and promotion to highlight their own platform as the key user engagement point.

Aware of the importance of leveraging an optimised viewing experience for subscribers, Mirada has complemented its user segmentation tool Segmenter with the advanced clustering engine. Segmenter is an easy-to-use and intuitive backend tool that forms part of Mirada Iris, the end-to-end solution to deliver the best viewing experience seamlessly across all user devices.

The integration with the powerful data analytics and business intelligence tool LogIQ enables Mirada’s advanced clustering engine to achieve inferred user segmentations using artificial intelligence and machine learning. An integral part of Segmenter, this engine leverages the latest tech trends to develop complex multi-variable segmentations that can automatically identify subscribers based not only on preferences and consumer habits, but also operational settings, subscription value and even anticipate changes in user behaviour.

Assisted by the advanced clustering engine, video services can turn to reliable, machine-established datasets and variables to achieve A/B testing across their platform of both content and advertising promotions, as well as partial deployments of functionalities that could enhance the viewing experience of key user groups. Making use of inferred segmentations, operators can even acknowledge technical issues affecting specific user segments and act accordingly, for example, targeting lower image quality content to viewers with a compromised internet speed.

With the latest release of Mirada’s advanced clustering engine, video services can fully understand their subscribers beyond self-reported data and harness insights on preferences and habits to gear themselves for a truly hyper-personalisation of the viewing experience, with an adapted content catalogue, promotions and even user interfaces.

Currently, Segmenter is deployed for several Mirada customers worldwide, such as big telcos in Mexico, Spain or in the Caribbean, with more to come in Asia and America.

Mirada CEO, José-Luis Vázquez, commented: “After empowering operators worldwide with the latest super-aggregation possibilities, state-of-the-art BYOD and hyper-personalisation of the viewing experience, we now bring forward the trends that are reshaping the tech world as we speak and make them ready to be fully harnessed by video services. With our advanced clustering engine, we continue to work hard to maintain our position as industry trailblazers, helping our customers future-proof their offerings – while writing that future themselves.”


Mirada is a leading provider of integrated software solutions for telcos, TV operators, broadcasters and video streaming services worldwide. Led by founder and CEO José Luis Vázquez, the Company prides itself on being a pioneer in the world of digital TV for over 20 years. Mirada’s core focus is empowering its customers to respond to consumers’ ever-growing global demand for digital content, offering a complete suite of end-to-end modular products across multiple devices with innovative state-of-the-art UI designs.

Mirada’s multiscreen technology, acclaimed for satisfying even the most demanding audiences, has been deployed by some of the biggest names in the telco world, including Televisa, Telefónica, Sky, Virgin Media and the BBC. Headquartered in London, Mirada has commercial representation across Europe, Latin America and Asia and operates technology centres in the UK, Spain and Mexico. For more information, www.mirada.tv

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