Women at Mirada

Part VI: Leticia

This week we wanted to put the spotlight on Leticia, famous for her contagious laugh and her joie de vivre here in Mirada.

What’s your job position in Mirada? And what do you like about it?

I joined Mirada almost ten years ago! I started as a Backend Developer, during which time I participated in many projects, and I’m now System Integrator which means that I have to make sure that the integration systems between the backend, devices and partners work properly and that we can carry out appropriate tests. A former manager nicknamed me “Swiss Knife” because I am comfortable with adapting to changing needs and I love learning from new experiences. What I love most about my current job, however, is that I’m always in the middle of everything which allows me to have an overall vision of the entire product, and it’s a great excuse to speak to people in almost every department. I really value this social side of my work!

“I can’t do it” is not an option… TRY IT!

Ten years is quite a lot. What has changed about Mirada since you joined the company?

The size of the team. When I started, there were about 60 of us at Mirada and now there are more than 170 of us! Even though that’s a huge change, Mirada has fortunately maintained its family spirit. Everyone knows everyone, or at least the vast majority, and you can even have a coffee with the CEO and talk about something other than the weather [laughs].

I’ve heard you’re an avid athlete…

I love sport! In fact, I have just signed up to do the Business Race in Madrid this December with some of my fellow workmates! In my spare time I practise hapkido, a Korean martial art, which I have been doing since I joined Mirada. At the same time, I’m studying to become a self-defense instructor. And not forgetting dance: belly, tribal, salsa… You name it! The idea is to never stay still… as it’s really difficult for me to remain seated on a chair [laughs]. But seriously, I like how sport makes you push your limits and the team spirit that it creates.

What’s been the best advice you have ever been given? And what advice would you give today?

One of my previous managers once told me to never lose my smile or my happiness, and that I should never stop fighting for my ideas. Indeed, one mantra we have in hapkido is that “I can’t do it” is not an option… TRY IT! This helps me everyday. Aside from that, I think it’s fundamental to try and be aware of the necessities of your workmates and to understand their difficulties, not only to improve professionally but also as a team.

“I can’t do it” is not an option… TRY IT!