the football craze
with Iris

Latest edition of the FIFA World Cup sent shockwaves way beyond Qatar – from football fans eagerly ready to support their team to the content providers bracing themselves for the challenges…and opportunities.

The football fever promised and delivered an incredible spike in viewerships both at home and on the go, with operators drafting special measures to ensure the stability and continuity of the service. No one wants their streaming to fail just as their team is about to score. But the technical preparations were by no means to be eclipsed by the strategic decisions that could transform the World Cup into a turning point for video platforms.

Knowing millions of users will be glued to their screens for a month was the ideal moment to deploy the perfect plant to keep viewers hooked, football fans and others alike with the right content and promotions – thanks to the right tools to make it all possible.

A 360º game plan

Just like football, having a team able to work together and cover all bases is the key to success. Mirada’s Iris solution brings the app ecosystem with all the tools to score the final goal – and bring the World Cup home.

  • Keeping each player on point, video services can bring viewers: A personalised experience thanks to detailed segmentation of users, including inferred groupings using machine learning techniques that can map out football fans, casual watchers and those who would rather not – and tailor each offering.

  • The ultimate features for content discovery, switching among user profiles to experience advanced search and recommendations based on past consumption, preferences, similar profiles and much more so viewers do not miss a match or any related content they could enjoy.

  • Expert editorial curation that can harness the Cup’s zeitgeist and offer viewers related content as it happened, with themed collections, best moments, and everything football.

  • Relevant advertising, from banners to video ads and personalised notifications to upgrade their service, access exclusive content or profit from any promotion during the World Cup.
  • Unique user interfaces in a few clicks with award-winning app UX Evolver, crafting menus, content stripes and all the elements to personalise users’ platforms and highlight the content they will enjoy the most.
  • Access to the football craze from all devices and at all times, on the go, at home, and everywhere fans can take their support for their teams.

  • Ensured continuity of service and content flow with the cloud-based Disaster Recovery Platform, synced in real-time with a customer’s live platform to create an exact copy of every single piece of the production environment.

  • Spot on strategies supported by data from powerful data analytics platform LogIQ, measuring every movement and detail to fine tune the best actions for viewers.

  • All of these with a dedicated team providing operators with all the support and maintenance they need in the locker room, in order to shine on the field.

And the winner is… your platform

The strategy above is just an example of how Mirada’s customers made the most of their solutions to offer viewers just the experience they wanted, scoring a whooping:

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Ready to kickstart your own 360º game plan and win viewers’ hearts?