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Job description

One of our core objectives here at Mirada is to give our clients the software they want with the confidence that it will perform as seamlessly as expected. To be able to do this, our exceptional team of QA Engineers collaborate across departments in each and every stage of the production process of our software, during which they:

  • Participate in the analysis of our client’s requirements and specifications of our products, as well as the architectural design of our solutions
  • Consistently track and follow-up on projects to keep up to speed with their progress and be alert and prepared to take action when appropriate
  • Define and document the most suitable testing strategies to follow, before creating or updating test plans and scenarios
  • Run as many testing cycles as required to reach a sufficient degree of confidence in our software

What you will be doing:
  • Design test scenarios and create all kinds of test plans including whole test plans, regression test plans, smoke etc, all of which must be concise, repeatable and clear for finding bugs
  • Carry out manual and automated tests using both black-box and grey-box approaches
  • Check front-end (set-top boxes and multiscreen devices) and back-end (table generators, web administration applications, metadata etc) software
  • Specialise in end-to-end point of view on projects with global partners when Mirada acts as integrator
  • Verify and analyse software specifications and requirements from clients
What we are looking for:
  • IT, Computer Science, Telecommunications, Software Engineering or related degree
  • 2+ years experience in software testing, software engineering and specification methods
  • Experience using software testing tools including SpiraTeam in addition to a range of bug-tracking software and performance testing tools
  • Experience working as part of a team
  • A self-proclaimed ‘perfectionist’ who leaves no stone unturned when solving a problem
  • Someone who is organised, methodological and works well under pressure
  • Fluency in Spanish and a good level of spoken and written English
What we would love:
  • Experience in audiovisual communication, telecommunications and new technologies
  • An inquisitive mind and ability to work with others
  • A great sense of humour
What we offer:
  • Fixed salary depending on the experience of the successful candidate
  • Variable pay incentives
  • Ticket RestaurantⓇ
  • Health insurance
  • Short working hours every Friday and throughout July and August
  • English classes
  • Flexibility with taking holidays
  • Fantastic work environment
  • Regular outdoor events and team-building activities
  • In-office perks such as Fruit Friday
  • and much more!
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One of the best aspects of working here is how valued you are
Luis Alberto, QA Engineer

I arrive at work at about 9am (depending on Madrid’s unreliable metro) and check my emails for any reported issues. If there’s nothing urgent, I leave the office with my work friends for a chat over breakfast at Mirada’s favourite café – Juano’s!

Ready to go after my morning caffeine fix, I check to see the state of any problems or bugs that were reported the day before, and if necessary, I offer additional information to help solve the issue as quickly as possible. Whenever I have time, I check for software and hardware updates as well as reading up on the latest news from our industry – something which has become a ritual for me so I can keep up to speed with this fast-paced world! Once that’s done, I make any necessary updates to the design of my latest test plan and then it’s time to get testing!

In my opinion, one of the best aspects of working here is how valued you are. On my first day, I remember being given so much responsibility and it’s been the same ever since, from designing and carrying out my own tests to being able to share ideas and opinions that are always taken into account!

If you, like me, are someone who appreciates an enjoyable working environment with great people, where you learn something new every single day, Mirada is the place for you!

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