Monetising the OTT opportunity in Asia


How TV operators can create new revenue streams

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More and more TV operators and content owners worldwide are offering OTT services to harness new business opportunities, and Asia is no exception.

While OTT platforms are in high demand, users are getting frustrated with browsing through infinite catalogues and having to swap between different apps to find the content they seek. This phenomenon creates new business opportunities for TV operators that decide to close the gap between traditional TV and pure OTT services, and offer the best of both worlds.

Access the recording of our strategy panel with industry leaders Mirada Chief Executive Officer José Luis Vázquez and ATEME Chief Strategy Officer Rémi Beaudouin, and discover how to succeed in facing these new challenges and comment on current opportunities on the Asian TV market, including:

  • The super-aggregation strategy as a key to unlocking higher value
  • The potential of personalisation, with innovations such as targeted ad insertion and personalised TV content
  • Quality of Experience as a differentiator when moving towards OTT
  • How operators can create new revenue streams, and significantly improve ARPU.

José L. Vázquez
Rémi Beaudouin
Shad Hashmi

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