The ultimate viewing experience

Powerful front- and back-end synergy

The Iris ecosystem provides operators and broadcasters with an advanced platform composed of Mirada’s powerful front- and back-end applications to offer subscribers the ultimate viewing experience anytime, anywhere and on any platform.

The ultimate viewing experience

  • Capture viewers with your content using premium services powered by Mirada’s Iris SDP including VoD, catch-up, timeshift and start-over capabilities.
  • Enrich the experience with advanced features such as Cloud DVR, session transfer, download and play and many more, all managed from one place.
  • Encourage consumption by delivering content to customers on the device of their choice thanks to Iris integration with all major devices including smart TVs, media streaming devices, game consoles and Android TV Operator Tier.


Our Iris technology is available on:

Android TV
Apple TV
Android TV
Android TV

Iris launcher for Android TV

  • Our Iris custom launcher is now available for operators looking to harness Android TV Operator Tier while also offering an engaging and seamless viewing experience for their customers.
  • Operators can enjoy all the benefits of the Iris experience, including advanced content discovery tools and the flawless Inspire UI, along with the advantages of the Android environment, such as access to third-party apps.

Content discovery with Iris

Retain your customers and maximise revenues with Mirada’s exclusive tools for content discovery


Enjoy the benefits of flexibility and control over your content and the power to improve audience figures

Promoted Search

Encourage premium content consumption with our intuitive search tool to prioritise content in search results

Personalised Recommendations

Promote content with tailor-made suggestions based on personal viewing habits with our bespoke recommendations tool

Virtual Channels

Inspire the passive viewer towards the discovery of linear, recorded and VoD content with virtual channels

TV Ads

Reap the rewards of digital advertising with interactive ads for both content and commercial purposes

Channels Magazine

An engaging alternative to the EPG and a fantastic tool to push premium content and personalised recommendations

Flawless integration

  • Works perfectly with any technology: DVB, IPTV, DTH, OTT and their hybrid versions.
  • Integrated with the most prestigious partners in the industry, quick and easy integration with other third parties.
  • System integration complete with service management and 24/7 support and maintenance.
  • Fully integrated with LogIQ, Mirada’s global analytics platform.

The swift way to launch a new video service

Discover how to effortlessly launch the ultimate viewing experience for your subscribers at minimum time-to-market and without high upfront costs with Swift Mode, Mirada’s latest proposal for all kinds of operators.