The brains behind the experience

Why Iris SDP?

The Iris SDP is the brains behind our acclaimed all-screen experience. Managing everything from linear TV programming to cross-device functionalities, subscriptions, purchases and much more, Mirada’s intelligent back-end platform integrates all services into one unified system, allowing operators to take the power of their platform into their own hands.

The miracle of microservices

  • Enable endless features and support for a diverse range of technologies and devices facilitated by Iris SDP’s microservices architecture

  • The flexibility, resilience and scalability of Iris SDP eliminates the complexity of deployments, maintenance and evolution of your offering in the most cost-effective way

  • Adaptable and interdependent structure allowing operators to pick and choose the applications that best suit functional and environmental needs


  • Iris SDP consolidates all available TV services, in any combination of DVB, IPTV and OTT, into a unified TV ecosystem

  • Compatible with any operator’s BSS/OSS and integrable with other third-parties where necessary while maintaining optimal time-to-market

  • Can be hosted on operator premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment with some components hosted by the operator and others accessed as cloud services

Extra features

  • Manage your platform, subscribers and devices from one place
  • Capture subscriber data to provide platform intelligence
  • Allow your subscribers to build their own experience