Iris in Swift Mode is Mirada’s new turn-key solution to empower operators of all sizes with a high quality video service that provides an unparalleled user experience, all through a comprehensive and affordable business model.

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Benefits of Swift Mode







Up and running in 90 days

  • Our cloud-based solution helps operators to reduce the time-to-market of their new video service without compromising the user experience for their customers.
  • Iris in Swift Mode incorporates pre-selected third parties for security, geoblocking and more, to guarantee the quality of the service and save time with integrations.
  • Mirada will advise on the most suitable third-party components that the operator should choose, including metadata, encoding and CDN providers.


  • Swift Mode allows smaller and green-field operators to provide customers with exclusive features of Iris, currently offered by top tier operators, at a fraction of the price of a traditional solution.
  • The cloud-based solution means operators only pay for the services they consume, and once they stop using them, there are no additional costs or termination fees.
  • Operators can choose between essential or premium versions of Iris in Swift Mode to adapt the costs and the offering according to suit their business needs.

Quality user experience

  • With Swift Mode, operators can incorporate the latest features of Iris that become available in Mirada’s base product to keep the platform up to date, boost user engagement and maximise consumption-based revenues.
  • Reach a larger audience with integration across all major platforms, from Android-based STBs, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets through to smart TVs, Chromecast, voice assistants and other connected devices.

A proven solution with an expert provider

  • Having powered some of the biggest names in the pay TV world, Iris comes with first-class references to reassure the operator of the quality and reliability of their service.
  • Mirada has over 20 years of experience delivering software solutions to customers worldwide, enabling operators to benefit from such valuable expertise.
  • Operators can benefit from data-driven insights provided by Mirada’s analytics platform and test, adapt and evolve elements of their user experience with defined audiences with Mirada’s exclusive UX tool.