Delight your audience of true digital natives

An app for curious little minds

A whole new world dedicated to keeping the little ones in the family entertained with all of their favourite shows and movies in the palm of their hands.

Cool for kids

  • A fun and safe environment for curious little minds to discover family-friendly content with just the swipe and tap of a finger.
  • Filled with colours and characters from all of their favourite shows to make it easier for them to choose something to watch.
  • An engaging experience enriched by kid-friendly audio and animations to delight and guide your younger viewers.
  • Full of live and on-demand content allowing them to watch whatever they want and whenever they want on their beloved device.

Reassuring for parents

  • Zero stress for parents: Parental controls for time limits and age restrictions ensure that kids can use the app safely on their own.
  • Create multiple personalised profiles with age-tailored content so each and every child can use the app on different devices at the same time.
  • Extra features include definable daily usage limits and one-click language switch to boost little ones’ language learning.

Major benefits

  • Promote on-demand content with quick and simple access to more episodes of the show they are currently watching.
  • Place valuable, hand-picked shows and movies in a preferential position followed by all of their favourite, recently watched content.
  • Reduce churn and increase customer satisfaction by winning over the kids who use your app and the adults who approve of your service.

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