Research & Development

Our Research & Development function focuses on new product design and development which is a crucial part of our success. We operate in an industry that is fast changing and we have established a clear strategy in order to maintain a high level of innovation and quality. Below you can find our latest R&D projects, financed through the European Union’s FEDER funds.

Virtual Channels

Virtual Channels are the cutting-edge innovation of Mirada’s Content Discovery tools. The main objective is to offer Operators’ promoted content to their consumers in a new and innovative form in three different ways:

  1. Dynamic Mosaics Virtual Channel: Most viewed content – Live content being broadcast through linear TV, structured and divided by genres.
  2. VoD Virtual Channel: On-demand content – Content based on recommendations acquired through user preference analysis and general content consumption.
  3. PVR Virtual Channel: Recorded content – A crafted selection of all available recorded content that the consumer can enjoy.

These three services are presented to the customer as Linear Channels with dial number in the lineup, creating an easy and efficient way for users to consume quality content.

Virtual Channels offer several benefits for both the operators and their customers.

Benefits for viewers

New, disruptive way of discovering linear content, much more efficient than navigating through the traditional channel lineup.

Thanks to the recommendations, consumers can choose what they want to watch from the perfectly adapted VoD catalogue through the personalised sequence of movie trailers.

Smart presentation of recordings available to watch from content recorded automatically by the system based on the recommendations, from recordings set by the consumer himself and from those pushed by the Operator.

Benefits for operators

The consumer is offered a personalised service thanks to the search and recommendation engines of our product, resulting in increased overall customer satisfaction.

The consumer has easier access to VoD content adapted to their preferences, therefore is more likely to purchase it, resulting in an increase in the ARPU.

Substantial increase in customer satisfaction and ARPU translates into churn reduction. Our solution has proven to turn our clients – the operators – into market leaders thanks to the competititve advantages that are offered to their consumers, who cannot obtain a similar service elsewhere.

Over-the-top platform

The OTT solution, designed and developed by Mirada, allows consumers to have access to available content on their own terms, whenever and wherever they want.

The OTT platform allows Pay TV Operators and Broadcasters to offer their services in either a pure OTT model or integrated with the traditional Pay TV service within their DVB networks.

The solution provides a complete ecosystem of applications for multiple devices (smartphones, tablets and PC/Macs) as well as a powerful set of back-office components thanks to which the Operator can manage the content life cycle, the business model, the consumers provisioning and the platform management.

Mirada’s OTT platform is already integrated with major technology providers, such as Broadpeak, Edgeware, Akamai, and Alcatel-Lucent, or such as PlayReady, Verimatrix and Widevine for DRM.

Previous projects

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