Give control back to the operator

Control your platform beyond limits

UX Evolver is a powerful and innovative back-end tool which facilitates operators with more control of their platform than ever before, allowing them to adapt and evolve elements of the user experience on the fly.

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Flexibility in all senses

  • Pick and choose between the elements of Iris Inspire’s user interface, including strips, templates and ads to improve content discovery for viewers in an instant
  • Transform the experience for customers, from dynamic changes on the home screen to the entire navigational structure of the platform
  • Adapt the platform to best suit each individual device integrated with Iris, including set-top boxes, smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs and game consoles

Easy and effortless

  • Adapt the experience effortlessly with UX Evolver’s user-friendly features, such as the ability to preview changes across all devices, scheduling of editorial collections and more
  • Create and update new collections and strips of available content automatically just by defining a number of filters such as content type, genre etc

Evolve the experience

  • Use different components to create versions of entire sections such as on-demand, and use A/B testing to compare their efficiency with consumption data provided by LogIQ
  • Implement the new features of Iris without having to wait for a software release, to evolve and future-proof the platform and keep at the cutting-edge of the market